Business intelligence to support your international performance
Become autonomous with D-Risk FX Budget and BI

Tool dedicated to SME managers to monitor and better control the performance of their companies by incorporating the guidelines of their exchange risk management policies

From budget design to real-time performance monitoring including foreign exchange risk management, D-Risk allows to:

  • Control foreign exchange risk

  • Obtain a clear view of your daily exposure thanks to the automatic update of exchange rates on the platform

  • Determine required hedging amounts based on your risk tolerance and analyze the source of unexpected results

  • Manage risk based on its impact on key financial variables by business lines

  • Support the corporate budgeting process - track results and budget gaps

  • Use up date currency exchange rate to forecast the company ‘s performance on a multi currency basis

Why integrate currency risk management into the performance indicators of a corporate dashboard?

Because foreign exchange risk management is a necessary evil. It can influence your strategic decisions. 


  • This risk can adversely affect:

  • Company margins and profitability of operations

  • Predictability of cash flows

  • The company's credit rating

  • the competitiveness of the company and the customer relationship

  • Information always readily available to help decision making and act on it